Carol Bialkowski and daughter
Carol with her daughter.

I was introduced to IGM Therapeutic Acupressure at the cheese department at Whole Foods. An employee and I were chatting. We discovered that we had boys the same age. And she shared with me that her son was a “miracle.” She had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and, finally, her ob-gyn told her to “get a dog” instead. Thankfully, she didn’t take that advice. Instead, she received IGM Therapeutic Acupressure treatments once a month…and within six months she was pregnant.

When I met Kathy in Whole Foods I had just gone through my third in-vitro fertilization cycle and the result was a negative pregnancy test. When we started on this journey, my husband and I decided we were only trying IVF three times. So, technically, I should have been done. But a part of me wondered whether I should give it one more shot. Meeting Kathy that day, and hearing her story, inspired me to try again. I went to one IGM session before the start of the cycle and one the night before the embryo transfer…and my perfectly healthy spitfire of a daughter was born 38 weeks later.

Since that first IGM session in 2005, I have been back once a month. I’m a true believer in the power of IGM and have witnessed many incredible, positive results beyond getting pregnant. One example: When I fell on the ice and suffered a concussion and traumatic brain injury, I received IGM treatments once a week for four weeks. When the neurologist looked at my follow-up MRI, he said had never seen the brain reabsorb blood so quickly. Another story: When I hurt my neck and was unable to move my head to the left, I thought I was going to be seeing the chiropractor for weeks to get some relief. But all it took was one IGM session.

I’m such a believer in the power of IGM that I decided to learn how to do it so that my husband and children could experience the benefits. What we’ve experienced has been nothing short of transformative—relief from herniated disc pain, headaches gone, diminished anxiety, restful sleep, fevers lowered without medication, shorter duration of colds and other viruses. The list goes on.

The results were so incredible in my own family that I felt I couldn’t keep this secret to myself. In 2011 I became certified in IGM Therapeutic Acupressure and began seeing clients in my home studio. Click on the Testimonials tab to see what some of my clients are saying about their experiences with IGM. One of the cornerstones of IGM is the belief that the body is intelligent and intuitively knows how to heal itself. It just needs to be guided in the right direction. I am grateful to have received the gift of IGM, and It brings me great joy to share this healing therapy with others.